We Love Linen!

Linen is such a wonderful fabric. It's been used extensively for centuries, yet it is often hard to find 100% linen these days. We love linen for three reasons.

1) It absorbs moisture far more than cotton. This makes it the best natural fiber for warmer weather and explains why it is always cool to the touch -- also why it has long been used for napkins, dishtowels, and pillows.

2) Linen is easy to care for. 100% linen will wash clean of any stains, including oil. (But watch out, if your "linen" is a blend, with even a hint of poly or another fabric, you'll never get out the oil stains!) That is s why we use 100% linen cloth.

3) Linen is the ultimate "eco-friendly" green fabric. Our European linen is grown as a completely renewable resource, as it has been for years, in Northern Europe. We all want to do our part in keeping the Earth healthy, and by using linen you'll be doing just that.

Rich, Regal Linen in Over 60 Gorgeous Colors.