have a ball with brini e-book

have a ball with brini e-book

It’s hard enough to navigate the ins and outs of a cocktail party. The new faces, social cues and strange surroundings are enough to tackle without having to balance unwieldy party food along with your gimlet. The solution has been a round for aeons. The ball shape, delivered to the lips with a festive toothpick makes such good sense. The recipes in this book all share that convenient shape. Though the flavor profiles may vary, the physical one doesn’t!

This book features recipes for delicious nibbles in that beguiling ball shape that will give your parties pizzazz and make your fêtes fabulous!

Recipes include:

- Coconut Shrimp Balls
- Keftedes (lamb meatballs with Parmesan and mint)
- Cheddar Chive Balls
- Bacon Blue Balls
- Fauxquembouche
- Drunken Cherry Balls

40 pages, PDF form

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